Natural necessities came into being as a store idea to sell the toiletries I make as a hobby; I also paint, craft and make various things. I have decided to start making more and selling them on Etsy, Facebook and Google,
I sell my own designs on clothing and tote bags. It launched on 19.09.19, I am dedicating a page devoted to charities, I will design the merchandise for people to buy with some of the proceeds going to the charities or CIC in our local community and to suicide prevention/ Mental Health charities such as Papyrus, Mind, Mental Health foundation to name a few. Once the donation has been made, I will post the reply/confirmation letters on the website and on social media pages.

Our ethos is “Giving you what you need naturally”.
We try to use and produce products with as little negative impact on the planet as possible. We source responsibly, use products that are ethical, sustainable, fair to the producers and our planet. While we cannot always use items that have a negative carbon emission, we try our best.
Natural Necessities clothing is all sourced ethically providing well paid jobs and infrastructure to its employees and their community. It is sustainably sourced, planting and harvesting cotton at source and even recycling products for reuse once you have finished with them by scanning the QR code inside. It is produced in the most eco way possible, all print runs use rainwater and the dyes are filtered out to use the water again. All clothing is sent in recycled paper packaging.
Much of my craft items are made using recycled materials, paintings on recycled canvas and wood, I have made an outdoor table out of recycled materials and mosaic, a fountain out of recycled materials, cards from old cards and recycled paper and much more.

Fundraising/ charitable aims
I am raising money for Mental Health/ suicide prevention provisions, especially in the community sector. This is a cause I feel strongly about as I lost two brothers to suicide and would like as much support for these causes as possible.
There are many mental health support/organisations locally that are voluntary/ third sector. The individuals at the head of these organisations spend their lives supporting people and communities. In our local community alone we have voluntary sector organisations stretched to their limits, these are charities and community interest companies that offer crisis support, domestic abuse support, counselling services, recycling, support with eco events and help to be more planet conscious, uniform banks, shoe banks, clothing banks, food banks, general support and training for our communities. The people running and volunteering in these organisations are some of the most selfless, amazing, kind, sensitive individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They would do anything to help others but sadly they are restricted due to funding.

I need your support, I need people to share the website, interact and share posts on the Facebook page, answer polls on what charities to donate to on Facebook… If you like the merchandise, then buy some.

Josie Butler-White
Natural Necessities

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